Click create your site and start editing now
Click create your site and start editing now
Click create your site and start editing now

OLVIUS is powerful web design tool which allows people to create websites online and host them at Every element on pages is editable, configurable and fully customizable.

Our customers are provided with all necessary tools for WYSIWYG editing their pages online. In other words, you will be able to directly manipulate the layout of a page with no knowledge of HTML or CSS or any specific layout commands. Concentrate on how it looks, not how to fulfill this.

Any time, whenever you need to add information, post an article or refine the site's appearance - it can be done with regular web-browser and internet connection from any location.

Everybody familiar with graphic interfaces similar to MS Word, will learn this tool in matter of minutes. Just start from one of our professionally designed, ready-to-go templates then the only left to do is typing your text in page elements.

if you want to change layout of your site to make it absolutely unique and appealing then our tools will give you full power to redesign starting from any of selected templates and customize the template completely.

 You can easily add, update or remove page elements, change visual style of any page element selecting from our templates library, customize its style and create your own templates to be reused on other pages. Page elements are draggable withing page layout.

Our webpage editing tools have several absolutely unique features you cannot find in other content management systems. Some of them are:

  • Ability to customize each and any of the page elements, text, graphics and even javascript.

  • You can make full copies of the whole web sites with just one click This is
    an incredible feature when you need to quickly create several similar web sites,
    or just save a copy before making any major improvements to your site.

  • Ability to make copies of any separate page.
    Customize a page and make another page as exact copy of it with one click

  • create your own (custom) templates of page elements to be applied instantly to other elements of the page.

  • Every page element can be individually docked or undocked allowing you to
    design complicated layouts with some textual or navigational elements
    flying over the page

  • Each textual or navigational elements has its own extensible set of style properties.
    Style Editor allows user-friendly configuration and direct and convenient graphical access to particular CSS section. Manual customization of CSS is available for advanced customization.

  • Ability to maintain many websites under one account. Create website, Make a Copy of your site, Update website, and Delete website functionality available in just a couple of clicks.

  • Revise META tags, Page Titles, add new users to your website and much more.

Upload your images, or select from our library, change page layouts on fly, replace backgrounds and
finally, create and maintain list of users, consider protecting sensitive pages with passwords and click "Publish" button to make the site available online.

If you own a domain name, it is easy to assign it to your new website hosted here at

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